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Robotics Academy

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RoboticsAcademy is an open source collection of exercises to learn robotics in a practical way. Gazebo simulator is the main tool required, as ROS. The students program their solutions in Python language. Each exercise is composed of :

  1. Gazebo configuration files,
  2. A ROS node that hosts the student’s code,
  3. A file with instructions, hints, etc..
  4. The student solution itself.

1, 2, and 3 are already provided, the student has to develop her code on a separate file which already has a template. The student may use there an existing simple Python API to access to sensor readings and actuator commands_ (HAL API) and she may use an existing simple Python API for Graphical User Interface and debugging_ (GUI API). To develop her solution the student has to edit that template file and add her code, using her favorite text editor.

Check out at the project website.