Current PhD students

Current Master students

  • Álvaro Paniagua, robotics education with Kibotics, data design
  • David Pascual, Convolutional Pose Machines
  • Nuria Oyaga, Predicting images, learning time sequences
  • Javier Martínez, VisualSLAM including IMU information
  • Francisco Pérez, DeepLearning in autonomous vision based navigation of real robots
  • Ignacio Arranz, Deep Reinforcement Learning for autonomous robot navigation
  • Aitor Martínez, Visual navigation of a Tello drone

Current Grad students


Previous students


  • Nacho Condés (master), DeepLearning perception for a social autonomous robot
  • Ángel Perea (grad), analytics in a robotics education online platform
  • Omar Garrido (master), SDLAM+: VisualSLAM algorithm with RGBD sensors
  • Pablo Moreno (master), automatic competitions in a robotics education online platform
  • Eldon Caldwell (PhD), Social assistive robotics for speech language therapy
  • Eloy Navarro (grad), drone stabilization with an FPGA ground station
  • Pedro Arias (grad), ROSpilot project with drones
  • Carlos Awadallah (master), Robotics Academy