Robotics Club

Do you wanna learn and enjoy programming robots, Artificial Intelligence or Computer Vision applications? We have a Robotics Club inside JdeRobot organization for that. Currently there are many active projects in AI and specifically DeepLearning. We are also working hard in new tools in JdeRobot. New developers, testers and users are welcome. Take a look at ongoing projects.

To start working in the Robotics Club, just download some JdeRobot software, run several tutorials. Upload some videos of them on your computer to YouTube. Please send us ( your CV to better know your programming, robotics or computer vision abilities and to better think in a suitable collaboration project for you. Python, C++ or JavaScript capabilities are desirable and useful.

Once accepted you would be assigned a mentor that would help, advise your collaboration and teach you the required abilities, etc… Typically we arrange periodic meetings through video conference (Google Hangouts-Meet) to see the following steps. After a few weeks you will have your own github repository at the Robotics Club and your own web page there.

Ongoing projects (2021)

  • Manuel Pérez, Unibotics
  • Jorge Guerrero, Unibotics
  • Marta Quintana, Unibotics


Previous Projects


  • Yijia Wu, (GSoC-2020) Vision-based Industrial Robot Manipulation with MoveIt.
  • Shreyas Gokhale, (GSoC-2020) Multi-Robot exercises for Robotics Academy In ROS2.
  • Sakshay Mahna, (GSoC-2020) Robotics-Academy exercises on Evolutionary Robotics.
  • Diego Charrez, (GSoC-2020) Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Driving with Gazebo and OpenAI gym.
  • Muhammad Taha (GSoC-2020) VisualCircuit tool.
  • Baidyanath_Kundu, (GSoC-2019) VisualStates tool.




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