GSoC 2015

JdeRobot is a software suite for developing robotics and computer vision applications. These domains include sensors (for instance, cameras), actuators, and intelligent software in between. It is mostly written in C++, Python and JavaScript languages and provides a distributed component-based programming environment where the application program is made up of a collection of several concurrent asynchronous components. They may run in different computers and are connected using ICE communication middleware or ROS messages. Components interoperate through explicit interfaces. Each one may have its own independent Graphical User Interface or none at all. It is ROS-friendly and full compatible with ROS-Kinetic.

Selected students

In the year 2015, the students selected for the Google Summer of Code have been the following:

GSoC 2015 - Lihang Li

Lihang Li

Visual SLAM, RGBD, 3D Reconstruction

Project #1

GSoC 2015 - Andrei Militaru

Andrei Militaru

Interoperation of ROS and JdeRobot

Project #2

GSoc 2015 - Satyaki Chakraborty

Satyaki Chakraborty

Interconnection with Android Wear

Project #3