New functionality


This feature lets the user pause the video at any time and also go back and forward frame by frame.

How to pause the video: press space bar, ‘p’ or ‘k’.


Better user experience

If a user does not add a config file when executing Detection Metrics, a pop up window shows and asks the user to give the needed information.


A pop up window is also shown when the user forgets to give certain config paths, so this information can be included.

Adjustable bounding boxes

With this functionality, a user can adjust the already given bounding boxes or even create new ones. The bounding boxes can easily be adjusted clicking and dragging.

Change class names and add detections

A class provided for an object can be changed clicking in the bounding box containing the object. The new class can be taken from the already provided set and given a class probability.

Apart from this feature, new detections can be added. The workflow starts creating a bounding box with the mouse and then give this object a class name and probability.