RealSense recipe

RealSense recipe

Recipe to install the drivers of the RGBD Intel RealSense D435 camera.

0) Previously:

The official library, written in C ++, is here (step 1):

There is a “deprecated” coating for Python ( that only supports librealsense v1.12.1. It does not support, therefore, the last SDK 2.0 (2.16.5).

And another one that supports it, pyrealsense2 ( (

1) Install library “librealsense”:

a) Download the last (2.16.5) “source code (tar.gz)” from here: b) We extract its content: tar -xvzf librealsense-2.16.5.tar.gz c) cmake . -> We get the bug “PkgConfig package is missing!” —-> Solution: sudo apt-get install pkg-config -> We get the bug “Failed to find libusb-1.0” —-> Solution: sudo aptitude install libusb-1.0-0 libusb-1.0-0-dev -> We get the failure of having to set the environment variable “GLFW_INCLUDE_DIR” because the “build” is prepared for Microsoft Visual Studio (MVS) and not for Linux. —-> Solution: cmake . -DBUILD_GRAPHICAL_EXAMPLES = Off d) make [It takes about half an hour] e) sudo make install

Once installed, we can test the examples offered, both graphic mode (those that start with prefix rs_, realsense) and non-graphic (prefix cpp_). In Ubuntu there is no renderer to graphically show what was received by the camera. Anyway, we can use the web renderer in those examples that have _web termination.


  • Launch in terminal: rs_pt_tutorial_1_web
  • View in browser: http://localhost:8000/view.html (The code would be in “…/librealsense-2.16.5/build/realsense_samples-0.6.2/samples/pt_tutorial_1_web/cpp/main.cpp”).

2) Install python wrapper “pyRealSense”:

a) We need to have done step 1 and have Cython installed; if not, we install it: pip install –upgrade cython

b) Install pyrealsense: pip install pyrealsense -> It can give us a problem: I can not find the library “rs.h”. —-> We test “sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev” but it’s not a solution


c) We install the wrapper “pyrealsense2” (up-to-date version), which we will install with Python3. -> (We could also get it from here: -> sudo aptitude install pip3 -> pip3 install pyrealsense2

d) We tested this example: -> python3 —-> We may not have, and we need to install: numpy, cv ——> pip3 install numpy ——> pip3 install opencv-python

The folder with the Python wrapper, and examples of use, etc., are on the official GitHub, specifically here:


  • Julio Vega (@jmvega)